30th March 2019

The day had finally come, it was exciting!

From the very beginning, we said that we did not want the typical study with spotlights and perfect backgrounds, that was clear …but where, then?

The ideal thing would have been to have the session outside under the sunlight, where colours looked perfect, but it was March and we were in Poland so we chose a studio under construction (no, we aren´t crazy), we took advantage of the flat panel protecting the stage and, as it turned out, it became the perfect option for us. It would help us to project the eco image we had hoped for. Moreover, the color of the background was a perfect match for the shades of our designs.

We got there at 9 on the dot, children were coming every half an hour from now on. Some of them are little and they need their own time in front of the camera.

9:15! there we go! Time to put the perfect outfit on every little artist.

He was our most punctual model...

And Milenka just wanted to be on the spotlight, especially when it was not her turn...

We thought everything was under control: clothes and drawings ready, balloons, the music…we were so naive!! We forgot a very important detail…children are the kings of improvisation! They are able to do their own way, no matter how well you have planned everything!

Sweet chaos!

Milenka was just a mess!

We were meant to take some pictures of Milenka and her best friend and apparently Carbon was ready, he even had the best animal keeper with him, Milena´s dad. But he refused to pose for some photos, especially if Milenka was involved. I think she has passed all her excitement on to the poor doggie!

This is the best picture together we got from that day:

Luckily, these two beauties came along, they seemed to have been doing this all their life! So natural! !

And him…our coolest and best behaved model:

Some of our models did not want to be on stage at the last moment…

But little ones gave us great moments, as it happened we found out that

special moments can be captured in the chaos…

and that, undoubtedly Carbon is most at ease with “the intruders”

Three hours later, flashes were turned off…The best though is yet to come….the result is on the website!

Thank you little artist and big intruders for making this possible!!

Thank you to our photographer for capturing the mood of the moment!

Dziękuję bardzo!!

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