Ocean Vibes Collections


Along with the help of our little artists and their creative minds, we have created “OceanVibes”. Designed and made 100% in Europe.

This is the inspirational ocean, full of fantasy and creativity where the most incredible creatures live. They all love having fun when the sun is shining and magic clouds are above.

Make sure you find Nuria the coolest otter with her colourful ribbons, or Milenka´s pet, our most faithful friend. By the way, have you seen the whale with its huge wings?

Get into the Ocean and get ready to experience the most incredible stories. If you look at it through a child´s eyes,you will be able to see countless creatures. The Ocean will allow you never to stop dreaming. But be careful! If you leave the sea, you may lose all your imagination and creativity!

Besides, the Ocean is also threatened by the Intruders….Pay attention!

Look at these crazy ones. Milenka´s pets are having some fun. They decided to go on a ride and look at the mess they made! They rode a bike, go for a hike Even have a coffee from the inside!

They are never bored…can you imagine what they can be like? Sometimes it`s a little bit too much, today they went for a walk while Milenka was walking near the sea and they can´t find her now! She is very worried. These cheeky ones have run away! can you help them come back?


This is Nosy Whale. She loves to explore and nose around, she uses these big glasses for that. She even thinks that she can see things with them that nobody does.

Today Nosy Whale is in big trouble, so much she has explore trying to learn new things that she has left the sea and has lost all her creativity and imagination! Poor Smarty glasses! She is not able to come back. Milenka and her pets are trying to help her find her way back. Can you help them too?


Look at these clouds…they are above the seahelping little artists´ inspiration. Can you look at them closely? They are all so different from each other. Some of them are chequered, some others striped or even a polka dots cloud!!! Only such special clouds can protect the ocean of creativity from the intruders.

When summer comes and sun shines, all the incredible creatures love to come to the surface to play at the seashore. And so does Nuria the coolest otter. Another special creature that loves wearing colourful ribbons and playing with Milenka. They both love Hide and Seek. There is nothing more fun than enjoying the sun´s rays while you have fun with your friends.


Os presentamos a nuestra Ballenita Fisgona. Le encanta curiosear y explorar todo a su alrededor, por eso lleva estas enormes gafotas. Incluso dice que con ellas es capaz de ver cosas que nadie ve.

De tanto fisgonear se ha descuidado y se ha salido del océano. Al abandonar el mar ha perdido toda su creatividad e imaginación y ahora está en apuros porque no sabe volver. Milenka y sus mascotas están intentado ayudarle a encontrar el camino, puedes hacerlo tú también?


Cuando llega el verano y brilla el sol, a todas las increíbles criaturas les encanta salir durante un ratito del fondo del mar y divertirse en la orilla.

Esta es Nuria la Nutria, otra criatura especial a la que le encanta llevar lazos de colores y jugar con Milenka. El escondite es uno de sus juegos favoritos. No hay nada más divertido que disfrutar de los rayos de sol jugando mientras te diviertes con tus amigos.

Durante los días en los que no brilla el sol, también podemos salir a jugar y explorar gracias a las nubes mágicas... obsérvalas…están encima del mar ayudando a la inspiración de los pequeños artistas. ¿Puedes mirar a las nubes fijamente? ¡Son tan diferentes! Algunas tienen cuadros, otras rayas, ¡¡o incluso lunares!! Sólo estas nubes tan especiales pueden proteger el océano de la creatividad de los intrusos.



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