Childhood is the time for dreaming, playing and living exciting adventures. Is there something sweeter than to witness a child´s dreams?. The little ones dream big; they dream about becoming a magician, doctors, superheroes…and why not about being an astronaut and going to the Moon?

“Once upon a time, there were two little girls that like other children their age, had dreams: they dream about going to space, they wanted to be able to walk on the moon one day.

They wanted it so much that all of the sudden, it became true, as it happened, they got onboard the spaceship and along with their best friend who was put on the hugest rocket you can imagine, headed for the space…”                             



Together with their best friends, the two little girls and their pet lived countless adventures, they even discovered a new planet, a place for all the little artists where fun never ended.

A very special place where only creativity and fantasy had access to. All the little ones who wished it could join in.

There was only one requirement:

Imagination, fantasy and the desire to dream should never end!




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